What happened to Weedmaps?

What happended to weed maps

Like many of you, we were shocked to find out that Weedmaps was no longer listing Delivery services, so what happened to Weedmaps? It was not announced to the public, but starting in Novembner 2020, Weedmaps would no longer be listing Marijuana Services in Canada and the USA.

Why is Weedmaps Delivery Gone?

With the convenience and competitive pricing of marijuana delivery services, brick and mortar dispensaries were not able to compete. A group of retailers came together and pressured the RCMP to enforce more regulations on Weedmaps and with the added pressure and costs to do business Weedmaps decided to no longer provide Weed delivery. Starting December 2020, Weedmaps will only be listing Storefronts.

How do I get Weed Delivery Now?

Same day weed delivery is still available at retailers like Chronic 519 and our sister retailers around Ontario and Canada, you can now order online or by phone directly with Chronic 519 to have your weed delivered in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo and Woodstock.

Is there an alternative to Weedmaps?

Right now there are various alternatives to Weedmaps. We’ll update them as time goes on. But for now you can still order from Chronic 519 for delivery in the tri-city and Waterloo and Woodstock.

Weedmaps Kitchener

With Weedmaps Kitchener now gone, you can get your weed delivered directly from Chronic 519’s Weed Delivery Service Cambridge, Kitchener, and Guelph. Our reviews and customers speak towards the great service we provide. From fast delivery within 90 minutes to our lowest weed prices in Kitchener.

For your weed delivery service, head over to our WEED STORE to get weed delivery in Kitchener.

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