Best Weed Delivery Kitchener

best weed delivery kitchener

You realize the need and importance of fast weed delivery services when you need them urgently but realize that you forgot to place the order amidst all the chaos. However, there is no need for you to panic in this situation if you live in Kitchener.

There are various online weed dispensaries and services in Kitchener that can provide you with high-quality weed at low cost but take a lot of time to deliver them. At the same time, various online weed services would deliver your order within a few hours of you placing it.

The following are some of the best weed delivery services in Kitchener as per Weedmaps Kitchener that would deliver your order within a couple of hours.

1. Chronic 519 – Kitchener Weed Delivery

Chronic 519 is one of the best and fastest online weed dispensaries in the entire Canada, let alone Kitchener. Orders are process and delivered within 90 minutes of confirmation.

In addition to their super quick delivery, Chronic 519 also offers a variety of products such as flowers, edibles, vapes, concentrates, tinctures, e-juice, weed wax, shatter, hash, oil (CBD), and weed accessories, along with a variety of magic mushrooms all available for delivery.

The weed delivery Kitchener website offers all of the products mentioned above at a low cost and also offer various special deals so that you can enjoy high-quality weed without worrying about going broke. They are open seven days a week and provide free same day delivery on all orders above $50.

Most importantly, to make sure that your privacy isn’t violated in any way during the whole process, they keep all the private information entered by you at a secure place and don’t share it with any third party.

Since the legal age of buying and consuming weed in Kitchener, Ontario, is 19 years, while making your account at Just Cannabis through Weedmaps Kitchener, you’ll be required to upload one of your identification documents so that they can verify your age.

2. Mr. Feel Good – Weed Delivery Kitchener

The online weed delivery Kitchener site Mr Feel Good lives up their name as they provide the fastest delivery of weed possible in Kitchener. They will successfully deliver your order within two hours of you placing it.

However, due to any reason you receive your order after 3 hours, it’ll be free of cost, and you won’t need to pay anything for it. In addition to the extra fast delivery, they also provide free shipping for orders worth $100 and more.

Don’t think that because they provide such a fantastic delivery speed; they’ll have limited options. According to the Weedmaps Kitchener, they offer more than 100 strains of weed for you to choose from, along with various types of weed products.

They provide weed edibles in the form of chocolates and candies, along with high-quality vape pens. Moreover, since their prime motto is customer satisfaction, you can be assured that they’ll provide you with the best quality weed in no time.

However, after placing your order online on their website, you might need to call or text them to let them know that you have placed an order.

3. Dank Hub – Weed Delivery

Another great same day delivery service is Dank Hub which provides delivery in the Tri-City Area, Dank-Hub provides fast delivery and a wide variety of products.

Final Words

It’s rare to come across online weed dispensaries and services that can provide you top-notch weed at a reasonable price within a couple of hours. However, the two online weed delivery Kitchener websites mentioned above stand up to these expectations.

The only thing that you would need to take care of while placing your order is that you have to be above the age of 19 years and comply with The Cannabis Act of 2018 in Ontario, Canada. Check out our Cannabis Shop for all your cannabis needs.

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